Ayurvedic • Vegan • Candida Friendly


When you try to go for a lifestyle overhaul often what you get is a lifestyle overwhelm. Cut the complications & make vegan, high vibratory foods quick & easy! This is an entirely plant-based > vegan > Ayurvedic > Candida-friendly cookbook. I created this cookbook as I went on a seemingly very long journey to heal my digestive issues to mainly include Candidias. This overgrowth stripped from my life some comfort foods I felt I desperately needed as I moved to a new place where I knew no one & all I wanted was a cookie, a piece of bread, a bowl of pasta!!

I wasn’t looking to become unhealthy, binge eat, or anything like that - I just wanted to be able to partake in the coziness of baking cookies on a cold winter day, or having a light piece of toast for breakfast, or enjoying pasta for dinner. When I started my cleanse I felt even the things I was eating from the standard Candida Diet online were still wrecking me! I couldn’t believe that diet didn’t work...

clear your body • clear your mind

Luckily for me, my yoga teacher was apparently a very experienced energy healer. I would go as far to say a Master. I couldn’t rely on the internet anymore for their dead-end healing modalities & surely I intuitively knew more from countless years of application. Through conversation & experimentation I learned so much about Candida, what’s wrong with the standard protocol you’ll find online, and how to really get down to it.

This guided my hand in the kitchen as I started creating things in a whole new way for me & was determined to enjoy comforts of cookies, bread, & pasta in whatever capacity that looked like! Now don’t get me wrong, cookies, bread, & pasta is hardly all that is in this book and probably doesn’t dominate much but the point is > I didn’t have to starve myself of these joyful foods! I could even make them more healthy than usual & not have to suffer the usual debilitating headaches, brain-fog, bloating, & gas that would come literally 15 minutes after consumption! These recipes helped me through my suffering while not letting my diet suffer all the limitations. I hope you find expansion in it too & find your own inner wild side as a Cooking Creator! This is not just for Candida sufferers, but for all who want to nourish themselves with high vibratory, plant based foods! Injoy!